Theus Wealth Advisors Maryland

Theus Wealth Advisors: Realizing J’Neanne Theus’ Vision and Experience

Education, planning and action are the foundations of prudent decisions. They are also the pillars by which J’Neanne Theus founded Theus Wealth Advisors (TWA), an independent financial services firm helping individuals, families and businesses in the Maryland region secure their financial futures.

As part of Marathon Financial Group, an independent Registered Investment Advisor, TWA is solely focused on helping clients achieve peace of mind by removing fear, doubt and anxiety about retirement planning, insurance planning and wealth management. In a market that often lacks personal touch, TWA provides individual solutions to unique financial challenges.

Since inception, TWA has offered a full suite of investment services, insurance planning and retirement services for individuals and businesses. However, unlike the vast majority of investment firms, TWA has also developed a proprietary education program that introduces new investors to the financial markets. The Investor Education Series are regularly scheduled workshops that cover basic investing principles, risk management strategies and other crucial financial decisions. The training series also teaches investors how to manage expectations, improve their relationship with money, and approach investing with a prudent, goal-oriented mindset.

TWA’s emphasis on creating educated, savvy investors stems from J’Neanne’s commitment to lifelong learning and education. In addition to holding various professional investment and health insurance licenses, J’Neanne also teaches retirement planning courses at Howard Country Community College and the Community College of Baltimore County. TWA believes all investors should be encouraged to increase their knowledge of financial economics.

J’Neanne has a team of financial advisors and strategic partners that work to help individuals reach their financial goals. Clients requiring estate planning, elder law services or business and taxation services are referred to strategic partners who understand TWS’s philosophy.

Most people require a ‘specialist’, because their situations are unique. A specialist focuses on you and your challenges, works exclusively with people like you and is an acknowledged all-star. The first job of a true specialist is to help you determine what’s most important to you and what’s most urgent. A trusted advisor can make the difference.

Market volatility shouldn’t scare you. Learn how to use it to your advantage. Come have a conversation.