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The Pessimistic Bull Market


Happy New Year to you! We’re 6 days in and awaiting the first ‘big’ snow event. Ok…maybe some of us are awaiting the snow…and the rest of us are dreading it.

I found this graphic in my recent readings and wanted to share it because it’s a great example of how we need to ignore most of the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the media. More on this later.



That last point – is critical to a successful investing experience – especially when it comes to making your money last as long as you do!

We look forward to an exciting year – there are some interesting changes coming – tax reform, healthcare reform, etc. – that I think will have very positive effects for the economy and country. So…stay tuned. One quick point to make: the economy and the market are two different animals, responding to different stimuli. Beware the pundits who draw direct cause and effect between the two, or between the market and who’s ‘in office’.

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines with cash all this time – well, consider the meaning of ‘FEAR’: False Events Appearing Real. No one has a crystal ball or knows the future. Markets are forward looking, so jump in – the water’s fine! I can teach you how to swim!