Today’s Mission:

J’Neanne tells us about a time she met with someone who had strong but wrong beliefs on a particular topic in the financial realm.

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The Briefing

  • [spp-timestamp time=”1:50″] – In The News: Volatility Spooks Investors
  • [spp-timestamp time=”13:12″] – Mailbag: Alan is hesitant to pay off his house. He has $25,000 left on the home and $100,000 in the bank. 

Strategy Points:

2:48  – Strong Beliefs On Market Movement   

  • This time of year, you get all sorts of folks sharing their beliefs on what the market will do in 2019. In reality, none of these people have a clue.

4:54 – Is The Sky Really Falling?

  • The market has indeed been volatile these past few months. While it’s easy to take the Chicken Little path and spell doom and gloom for 2019, it’s important to lay your emotions aside and follow your financial plan.  

8:23 – The Trouble With Moving To Cash.

  • When the market is volatile, it’s tempting to move your money to cash. However, bad beliefs on market timing can get you in trouble. It’s virtually impossible to time the market. 

9:32 – Making Money Decisions. 

  • A couple came in for a visit who wanted to pay off their house, but they didn’t have a lot of liquidity. Without liquidity, it’s difficult to pay for large expenses as they arise. 

The Grand Plan:

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