Today’s Mission:

Whether in retirement or behind the wheel, it’s good to have a plan and a pulse on what is happening around you. Knowing the rules, the technology, and your motivation all plays a part in the route you take with your retirement planning. In this episode, J’Neanne covers a few different topics happening in the news, such as self-driving cars. Then, she answers three questions from the mailbag, including one from someone with a lack of drive to leave a legacy.

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Strategy Points:

When talking about what’s happening in the news, plans for self-driving cars is going to change things – both on the road and for the companies producing the cars. Likewise, advances in technology can take us far, but there are certain things that are important to still have control over, such as financial advisors.

They go beyond the technology because they sit down and talk through what you want to accomplish. You can’t take the relationship out of the equation.

As for the latest in Congress, J’Neanne discusses her opinions about the proposed bill which includes raising the required minimum distribution age. Change isn’t easy, but it comes down to proper planning.

Opening up the mailbag, J’Neanne answers a few questions, including one from someone who has no plans to leave money to anyone in particular and wants to know if this will change his approach to retirement planning. But this might be short-sighted when you don’t know what will happen or when in your life. It might be better to ask the question of what do you want? Do you want a bigger income in retirement? Do you want to make aggressive investments? Sometimes the answer you are looking for comes from changing the question.

Listen to hear more of J’Neanne’s thoughts about what’s in the news and her answers to questions from the mailbag or click on the timestamps below for specific segments.

3:32 – In the News: Ford plans to have 100 self-driving cars by this year.

8:31 – Regardless of new technology, financial advisors are still important.

13:05 – In the News: Congress is working on a bill to raise RMD age.

15:57 – Mailbag: Estate planning without plans to leave a legacy.

19:38 – Mailbag: Are all long-term care policies expensive?

22:35 – Mailbag: Having a hard time spending money in retirement, is something wrong?  


The Grand Plan:

[spp-tweet tweet=”For those who are over 50, they want someone to talk to a person who can help them solve their money decisions. Robo-advisors don’t do that. Automatic investing doesn’t do that. All of these money decisions are as important as the money itself. – Your Financial Mission”]

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