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Mutual funds have long been a popular investment option for people saving for retirement, but is the landscape changing? We’ll take a deep look into mutual funds, explain some key terminology, and discuss whether it’s a good option or not.

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Strategy Points:

For most investors, mutual funds seem like a great option to build your retirement portfolio. Each fund has a piece of multiple companies so it seems like an easy way to diversify, but is the landscape changing?

We wanted to pose that question to J’Neanne Theus on this episode of Your Financial Mission. The goal for today’s show is to educate you on mutual funds, the key terminology that you should know, and discuss whether these should be a part of your retirement plan.

Nearly 100% of clients that come in to see us own some sort of mutual fund so we understand how popular these are. But are the costs worth the return? And are you as diversified as you really believe? Many times we see people invest in multiple funds that all own some of the same stocks.

There’s a lot to consider with mutual funds and they might be a great option for you. But it’s important to understand everything about them before you decide if they need to be a part of your retirement plan. Hopefully this episode will help you determine that.

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0:56 – It’s the final show of 2019.

2:07 – How many of your clients owned mutual funds when they first came to see you?

4:06 – How many of those clients actually understand those mutual funds?

5:08 – What is an expense ratio and why is it important?

9:21 – What about the term ‘loaded’? What does that mean?

12:36 – Are there tax issues to consider when investing in mutual funds?

15:19 – Do you use or recommend mutual funds? Where do they fit into your planning?

18:00 – Do people selling mutual funds adhere to the fiduciary standard?

19:46 – It’s important to remember that owning mutual funds doesn’t necessarily mean your diversified.


The Grand Plan:

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