With the U.S. and China dominating the news over the last several months as they dispute tariffs being waged on each other, the headlines seem relentless, confusing and daunting. Let’s face it, the terminology of trade wars and tariffs is complicated. And most people don’t stop to investigate the history or context.

The nonstop scare machine may cause you to feel the need to do something with your investments. Check out the attachment for a quick walk through history that highlights some of the major historic trade disputes which should help put things in perspective.

As you can see from the chart below depicting a walk through history, trade wars and tariffs are nothing new. And reacting to the news of the day can seriously hurt your overall financial picture.
As with most things, when the media entices you to do something, don’t.

Be sure to call us first if you’re thinking of any drastic moves. Chances are, we can help assuage your fears and help with the broader picture.

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