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Retirement comes in many different forms and we all create our own vision of the day we make that exciting transition. Maybe you’re someone that plans to work as long as you can or you the person that’s ready to retire as soon as possible. We all have a different level of desire when it comes to retirement, and today we’ll span the spectrum with J’Neanne Theus.

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What Matters

Every time we meet with a new client, there’s always going to be a different level of motivation to reach retirement.

On one side, you have the people that love work. They can’t picture the day that will ever change so retirement seems like it’s way off in the distance. Then there are the people that wanted to retire yesterday and have to get out of their job as soon as they can. But more often than not, most of our clients fall somewhere in between.

On this episode of Her Wealth Matters, J’Neanne Theus will take you through the five different levels of desire when it comes to retirement. We’ll do it by looking at the common statement someone might make for each level. Sometimes there’s a deeper meaning behind the reason and there’s always a way to handle each level of desire.

A couple important things to take away from this episode are life will always be changing and planning is critical no matter when you see yourself retiring. And these two things go hand in hand because you might be level one today and circumstances change that force you into changing your mindset. If that happens, the last thing you want to worry about is having to throw a plan together at the last minute.

So come join us for another episode and see where you fit on the spectrum.

The Plan

Listen to the full episode or click on the timestamps below to hear a specific segment.

0:47 – Here’s what our topic is all about. Let’s determine what each of these statements mean.

1:26 – Level 1: ‘I don’t see myself retiring because I love what I do.’

3:27 – Level 2: ‘I guess I could retire but I don’t hate working so I might as well keep doing it.’

6:10 – Level 3: ‘I would like to retire in a few years, but I really have no idea when I can.’

8:04 – Level 4: ‘I always pictured myself working a few more years but retirement is starting to look better and better.’

11:39 – A lot of people have early buyouts that play into level 4.

13:15 – Level 5: ‘I want to retire tomorrow. If I don’t quit this job right now I’ll have to be put into an asylum.’



Wealth Wisdom

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