The custom of setting new year’s resolutions has been around for quite some time (as far as the 1700s, by some counts). People worldwide make promises to themselves to start or stop a behavior that is supposed to better their lives.

Some folks aim to kill their bad habits, like smoking, drinking or spending too much time on social media. Or they want to create a new good habit, like eating out less, setting aside more money from their pay, or exercising more.

Here’s the problem: we all start with the best intentions and high motivation, but by February, our momentum halts. Then we’re back where we started and make empty promises to ourselves that we’ll start again.

Often, we never do.

That sounds like all of us at one point or another. You know that you’ve got something unpleasant or tedious to do (like cleaning out your garage or organizing the files on your Google Drive) – so you say to yourself:

“I’ll get to it when I’m darn good and ready!”

… but then it gets put off repeatedly – and eventually, it’s completely forgotten until the last possible minute.

A big reason for this is that we’re not always great at visualizing the sweet end result at the end of that boring task.

  • Like the beautifully organized garage that you’ll be proud to show off
  • Like all of the time you’ll save when you need to find that darned resume on your computer you created way back in 2017

Here’s a fun way to help you visualize your money plans for 2021: write down your goals for this year PLUS how you’re going to achieve it – then hang it up somewhere that you’ll see every day.

You can do this a few ways – use a whiteboard or a big piece of bristol board. Heck, even just a plain sheet of paper will do! Make use of what you have.

By writing down your goal, and your plan to achieve it, you are WAY MORE likely to follow through. Adding a step-by-step action plan is just a mind hack to make the end game more manageable.

It doesn’t need to be super detailed – just enough that you can see it and know what it means.

We can help you stick by this plan.