In this episode, we’re going to share stories with you of times when emotions like fear, greed, and pride led someone astray in their financial decisions. We’ll even cover the role of positive emotions like hope and joy in retirement planning.

If you want to better understand and control your emotions to experience a better financial future, then this is the show for you. Our goal is to give you the tools to navigate these emotions to you can make the right decisions, without being led by emotions.

Here’s some of what you will learn from today’s mission:

  • The longest bull market in history sparked greed in some investors. Greed can get in the way of logic, and you can learn how to navigate that here. (5:47)
  • Fear can make you sell at the wrong time, after a market crash. If you are experiencing fear, here are our thoughts on that. (8:55)
  • Hope is wonderful, but it is not a financial strategy. (14:01)
  • The tragic story fueled by guilt when an advisor lost money for a client. This topic may be sensitive for some listeners. (23:18)

Wall Street…They make their money on you chasing the return… Trying to pick the right stock, the right fund. If Wall Street knew which one was the right one, do you think they would tell you? Probably not. – Your Financial Mission Podcast

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