There is a lot of noise in the media about bonds currently. Many are wondering if they should stay in bonds, how safe bonds actually are, and what voices they should listen to for advice. Every situation is different, so you should always speak to an advisor.

Today, we will try to address the basics of bonds, and some of the common concerns surrounding them. Let’s dive in and see if bonds may still be worth your while.

Here’s some of what you will learn from today’s mission:

  • Should a retiree be in bonds despite the negative news surrounding them in our current market? (12:25)
  • Are bonds safe? How can you diversify your investments and still generate an income? (18:29)
  • Why investors need to understand the market’s history. (21:23)

One thing that people don’t realize, is the bond market is actually bigger than the stock market.

– Your Financial Mission Podcast