About Theus Wealth Advisors

Wife. Mother. Veteran. Entrepreneur. Coach.

Professional Bio

J'Neanne Theus

J’Neanne is the founder of Marathon Financial Group, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory fiduciary firm doing business as Theus Wealth Advisors, and has been a financial planner since 2004. She is also a veteran who served as a Naval Officer for 21 years.

She is the author of ‘Rescue Your Retirement’, a quick and humorous compilation of topics covered in the Retirement Income Planning Course she teaches at the local community college, as well as a more philosophical book – “Retire Abundantly”.  Occasionally, she writes articles for the Baltimore Business Journal and other media, and was selected a 5-Star Advisor for five years running.

J’Neanne is a mother of four, a retired Naval Intelligence Officer – which makes her a ‘recovering analytic’- and an ‘old and busted’ athlete who swims and bikes so she can eat Rice Krispie treats without feeling guilty. She also exercises the right side of the brain by singing in the choir at St. Mary of the Mills in Laurel.

How Did I Get Here?

I grew up as an Air Force ‘brat’, the oldest of six children (and only daughter). We moved every few years, as is normal for military families.  Some people collect dogs and cats, my parents collected kids – and over several years, they took in a few more.  There was never any money, but we had a tight knit family. When my dad retired from the Air Force, I was a junior in college and decided to check out the NROTC at Oregon State. Within 2 years, I graduated with a B.S. in Pre-Med , was commissioned,  and began breaking ground as the only woman in an anti-submarine warfare aviation squadron of 250 men.  Thick skin and a good sense of humor was a requirement. You can click here to read a recent story about us.

Fast forward through a career in Naval Intelligence, both active and reserve, at the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency, while raising four children, then a deep dive into program management at local Bio-Tech firm, it was finally time to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit.

I came into the financial services business because of my frustrations with the industry. Everyone wanted to sell me something –  no one wanted to help me understand what my best options or course of actions could be.  And when my grandfather was swindled out of all his savings, I knew I had to return to being a ‘protector’.

I grew up protecting my brothers until they grew bigger than me. Six of my eight brothers have served as USMC officers. God – Country – Family was the phrase often we often heard.  In the military, we take our oaths to serve faithfully and protect the nation. As an advisor, I define my mission as serving and protecting my clients. It’s a mission I take seriously.

The Theus Wealth Core

We take a personal approach and work with you to co-create your financial solutions. Objectivity and transparency are important, and we believe that an informed client is a happy client.  When clients tell us they no longer worry about their investments or plan, and can focus on enjoying life, we know we’re doing the right things.

If you would like to have a conversation about your retirement strategy, please contact us online or call our office at (443) 718-6311.