10 New Tax Breaks… and 10 That Went Away, Pt 2

We're continuing our list of tax changes from the 'Act', passed in December 2017. 10 That Went Away 1. Personal and dependency exemptions suspended. The Act suspended personal and dependency exemptions. However, the increased standard deduction, enhanced child tax credit, and overall tax rate changes may offset or minimize the impact of this suspension on many [...]

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10 New Tax Breaks… and 10 That Went Away Pt 1

In December 2017, lawmakers passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the 'Act'), a sweeping reform law that impacts pretty much everyone. Since we just finished the crush to April 15th, I thought it would be a good idea to recap what this year will bring. Our follow-on email will address the 10 Breaks That [...]

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Episode #40: National Distracted Investor Awareness Month

They say these days that there’s a holiday of every day of the year. It’s kind of true. In fact, the month of April, for example, is home to Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, Fresh Florida Tomato Month, Fresh Celery Month, Multiple Birth Awareness Month and National Soft Pretzel Month (sorry hard pretzels, you guys have to wait until the overall National Pretzel Month in October). What does all this have to with finances? Well, April is also National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which gave us the idea to discuss some of things that distract us financially. And since every single other thing in existence gets a holiday, we’ll make up our own to discuss on this week’s podcast. It’s National Distracted Investor Awareness Month. We’ll reveal the distractions that often peel our attention away from being good investors and savers and give you tips on how to stay on track.

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Episode #39: His And Her Retirement Planning

If you’re married, then this will come as no surprise. It takes two to complete a successful retirement plan. On this podcast, we’ll look at how husbands and wives have different financial goals and how that creates conflict. We’ll, of course, also explore how to resolve that conflict to establish a solid financial plan.

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Episode #38: In the News: The Labor And Housing Markets

There have been a lot of interesting headlines in the news lately. On this podcast, we’ll cover recent stories about the labor market and how it seems most people who want to work are actually working. Is that a good sign for the overall economy? Home prices are skyrocketing across the country. Are we just setting ourselves up for another crash like we saw last decade?

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Episode #37: The Financial Olympics

Using the 2018 Winter Olympic Games as inspiration, let’s turn our attention to the not-quite-as-popular Financial Olympics (coming soon to an obscure cable channel near you). If you have a great financial coach, you’ll probably do very well at these events. Let’s see how that advisor will prep you for the games.

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Episode #36: In The News: Are Robots Taking Over?

In the past year, several economists have talked about the impact of increased automation in the labor market, or to put it more plainly, robots taking jobs away from people. We’ll find out about J’Neanne’s take on this trend and how real the threat is of people losing their jobs to robots in the future.

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Financial Year in Review

Last year was a great year for market returns. Do you know where those returns happened.... and were you able to capture them?   This presentation is a review of last year's market moves and what's 'normal' for an expanding marketplace, including some of the major changes taking place that you may be unaware of. [...]

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