When Gauging Progress Towards Retirement, Avoid Fixating on a Single Number

We’re used to assessing our wellbeing through metrics. Newborns are immediately given a numbered assessment for things like skin tone, breathing, and reflexes. School children regularly take standardized tests to determine their grade level in reading and math. High schoolers focus on their GPA and SAT scores. And as adults [...]

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Good Days Follow Bad Days

If the stock market were a person, you would not want to be around them very much. Imagine a friend who reacts unpredictably to every major piece of economic news, often several times a day. One minute they’re on top of the world. The next minute they’re sitting in a [...]

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6 Tips for Happy Retirees

When most people think about retirement, they tend to think of it in terms of numbers. “How much money do I need to retire?” “How are my investments doing?” “Are all of my income sources going to cover my expenses?” “Will I run out of money?” And yes, the tangible [...]

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When a Crystal Ball is No Advantage

One of the favorite tropes of time travel stories—movies, novels, or TV shows—is the prescient investor. This is a character who becomes fabulously wealthy by traveling to the past and buying high performing stocks before they take off. It’s a handy way to create a character with limitless resources, but [...]

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The 7 Money Personality Types

Everyone can agree that financial literacy is a good thing. When people understand the basics of personal money management, saving, and long-term investing, they’re better equipped to make informed decisions about their finances. But financial literacy alone can only take you so far. Simply having knowledge on a subject is [...]

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Millennials Expect to Work During Retirement

Younger generations are often unfairly characterized by their elders. In the late 1960s the Greatest Generation, who grew up during the Depression, accused baby boomers of being anti authority. Some were. When their turn came, the baby boomers said that the millennials (those born between 1980-2000) were lazy and entitled. [...]

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When it Comes to Investing Biases, Some are Harder to Overcome than Others

It’s not controversial to say that investing biases can hurt the performance of your portfolio. Most investors would agree. And yet by its very nature a bias—an unreasoned opinion—will often be invisible to the person holding it. You can find evidence of this in a recent DALBAR, Inc. study of [...]

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