Are You Lucky?

Day trading, in case you’re not familiar, is the practice of buying stocks or ETFs and then selling them the same day. The goal is to do so with the hopes of cashing in at a large profit. As you might imagine, day traders use a myriad of strategies to [...]

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Want to Succeed?

“Believe in yourself. You can do it!” This is the message in about 75% of today’s movies. And about 100% of graduation speeches. But as much as we hear this advice, we’re still a little skeptical that all you need for success in life is a healthy dose of self-confidence. [...]

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The Future Proves Impossible to Predict hedge funds go from bad to worse. You may have heard of hedge funds but not be entirely sure how they work. In a nutshell a hedge fund is an investment fund that uses complex strategies, is open only to high net worth individuals, has less regulatory oversight than [...]

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The Biden Tax Hike Would Be Severe

Today's article is from the WSJ. I'm sharing it because it serves as a 'heads up', and accurately paints the current tax picture and what the potential picture could be, based on recent statements and predictions. When it comes to the stock market, we never make predictions. When it comes [...]

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The Bumpy Road to the Market’s LTA

As I've written in many previous email blasts, we're going to be bumping along between a couple 'guard rails' - 23,000 and 24,000 until the market gets some good news. And while we're traveling this crazy road, it's sometimes difficult to see the bigger picture, especially when the media is [...]

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Wait for it….

Follow the money. Goldman Sachs is stepping out with some bullish commentary. Market Watch reported, "a team of Goldman Sachs strategists led by David Kostin, says the worst of the market rout is behind us. A 'previous near-term downside of 2000 [for the S&P 500] is no longer likely. Our [...]

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3 Common Investing Mistakes

Timing the market - Although the financial markets can be remarkably steady over longer time periods, sharp short-term movements in security prices are increasingly frequent. Choosing the ideal moment to buy or sell is difficult, and investors who attempt to time the market may end up missing periods of exceptional [...]

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Will Coronavirus Make Your Portfolio Sick?

The Coronavirus outbreak is causing panic worldwide and almost everywhere investors look, the headlines seem daunting when it comes to the epidemic and their portfolios. What is an investor to do amid these circumstances? First and foremost, everyone must understand the incentives of the news outlets pumping out these headlines. [...]

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