What Is Safe Money?

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There’s a buzzword in the financial world called “safe money”, but it has many definitions . Everyone wants their money to be safe to a certain extent, but you need to balance risk and safety in your portfolio. There's also a lot of misinformation out there, so J’Neanne shares everything you need to know about safe money.

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When Is It “Safe” to Retire?

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Are you wondering if it’s “safe” to retire? What kind of factors should you consider beforehand? In looking at your lifestyle and preparing you for some of the unknowns, J’Neanne gives some pointers on how to know when you’re ready to retire. She then talks tax reform as we put Tax Day 2019 behind us.

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5 Common Pain Points In Your Financial Life

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Today we’re tackling five financial pain points you will likely face--if not now, then in the future. Do you know how you plan to address these in your life? Then, we’ll talk about J’Neanne’s thoughts on taxing the rich and saving for college.

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6 Things Wasting Away In Your Financial Junk Drawer

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Everyone has a junk drawer somewhere full of odds and ends that might get so cluttered you forget what you have. We’ll talk about the six financial things you probably have sitting in a drawer somewhere as well and what you need to do to dust them off and make sure they are put to use. Then, J’Neanne talks about student loans and the ripple effect they have in the financial world.

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