Lessons on Value from Mob Lawyers

So... I'm laughing here... reading a short article from a tax attorney friend. He always picks the most interesting material to make his points to financial professionals.  I'm adding a bit of a twist to share with you today; sometimes it's good to be reminded of things............... There’s so much news coming out of Washington [...]

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Kate Spade: Everything to Live for…. Except…..

The recent suicide of Kate Spade has been all over the news and social media. Many lamented and are puzzled:  she had "everything" to live for -- maybe. Depression is difficult for many to overcome. What could she have been comparing her life/success to? As the below article illustrates, and relates to investing, many investors [...]

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10 New Tax Breaks… and 10 That Went Away, Pt 2

We're continuing our list of tax changes from the 'Act', passed in December 2017. 10 That Went Away 1. Personal and dependency exemptions suspended. The Act suspended personal and dependency exemptions. However, the increased standard deduction, enhanced child tax credit, and overall tax rate changes may offset or minimize the impact of this suspension on many [...]

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10 New Tax Breaks… and 10 That Went Away Pt 1

In December 2017, lawmakers passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the 'Act'), a sweeping reform law that impacts pretty much everyone. Since we just finished the crush to April 15th, I thought it would be a good idea to recap what this year will bring. Our follow-on email will address the 10 Breaks That [...]

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Financial Year in Review

Last year was a great year for market returns. Do you know where those returns happened.... and were you able to capture them?   This presentation is a review of last year's market moves and what's 'normal' for an expanding marketplace, including some of the major changes taking place that you may be unaware of. [...]

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Elf on the Shelf Phenomenon: 11 millions elves!

Chanda Bell got the idea 14 years ago to share a family tradition from her childhood that involved an elf sitting on a shelf. She never imagined it would erupt into a Christmas-time phenomenon that's been embraced by millions of families. Bell, her mother Carol Aebersold, and her twin sister Christa Pitts are the trio [...]

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What Women Worry about Financially

Women tend to face financial challenges that men often do not. What these hurdles are and how to deal with them are important questions that Lewis Walker, a financial planning and investment strategist at Capital Insight Group in Peachtree Corners, Ga., answers:   Fortune magazine, in its Oct. 1 issue, profiled “The 50 Most Powerful Women” in American business.  No. [...]

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Why You’re Hardwired to be Bad at Money

Why are money decisions so stressful? No, it's not because you're broke. It's because your brain is fundamentally challenged when it comes to financial choices, according to neuroscience. And going it alone only makes it worse. "Our brains are really good at avoiding major risks and keeping ourselves alive," says Dr. Sam Barnett, a neuroscientist [...]

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