The Sky is NOT Falling!

It finally happened. A bona fide selloff took hold on Wall Street Monday after investors spent weeks attempting to come to terms with the potential impact of COVID-19 as it spreads in countries outside of China, notably Italy and Iran, threatening to dent global supply chains and economies. There are now 79,339 cases of COVID-19—the [...]

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Trade Wars Are Nothing New

With the U.S. and China dominating the news over the last several months as they dispute tariffs being waged on each other, the headlines seem relentless, confusing and daunting. Let's face it, the terminology of trade wars and tariffs is complicated. And most people don't stop to investigate the history or context. The nonstop scare [...]

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They Changed The Rules AGAIN!

And here you thought you had things wired. But this is Congress we're talking about and there's a LOT of money at stake. Now, any plans you may have had for 'legacy' to children were just changed. One of the most significant changes made by the SECURE Act to impact clients is the elimination of [...]

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The Market Has No Memory

In an email on Jan 3rd about 'Prediction Season' and yesterday's email about 2019's historic market rise, the bottom line is that markets react from current news, policies, projections, and regulations. They project forward, usually reflecting that they are or are not bothered by the same things you or I, individually, are. This is a [...]

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Let The Prediction Season Begin

At the beginning of every year, market pundits come out of the woodwork to forecast returns for the coming year. Even though there is overwhelming evidence that market forecasting is a fruitless endeavor, legions of investors hang on every word and amend their long-term investment strategies based on short term predictions. This behavior can lead [...]

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Say It Isn’t So, Jim!!

After taking on Jim Cramer for over a decade now - as he pontificated and prognosticated (in my opinion) to the detriment of his viewing investors, it seems I'm finally vindicated. Hopefully, at least, in the eyes of his many devoted acolytes who I've continually heard from over the years. Jim it seems has "converted!" [...]

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Market Jitters? Perspective is Everything

Ok, it was another roller coaster day last Friday. And, here's what's interesting. About a week and half ago, I had someone tell me the market was high, so they shouldn't make any changes. And then last week, I had someone say: the market's fallen, so we shouldn't make any changes. Well.... which is it? [...]

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Measuring Marathons with a Ruler

One of the most challenging aspects of being a prudent investor is recognizing the difference between short-term noise and long-term evidence. With billions of market data points available instantaneously 24/7/365, it’s easy to find yourself measuring what equates to a 26.2-mile journey with a 12” ruler. The investment industry and its corresponding news cycle aren’t [...]

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Investing Advice from a Hedge Fund Manager

You've heard about them; they're risky. Few seem to make money for their investors. But they get a lot of attention when they do.  So wouldn't it be interesting to know where hedge fund managers invest their money?  You might be surprised at the answer.    Hedge funds are investment partnerships that employ a fund manager seeking to [...]

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