The Madoffs Among Us

When teaching my Income in Retirement college classes, there is a section on preservation of capital embedded within the investment strategies portion. In my book, preservation from fraud and theft are even more important discussion topics because the methodologies to separate you from your money are many. And they are often aggressive. In my recent [...]

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Don’t Try This At Home

Painting the sun room You've all heard that expression... especially when it involves some insane thrill seeker jumping off the edge of a mountain in a squirrel suit, or as I watched more recently, some dare devil racing down a mountain side on a dirt bike, complete with 360s in the air across large spaces! [...]

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Ponzis, Schemes and Scams – You’re the target

It never ceases to amaze me… that the adage “People and money… are funny,” proves itself over and over again.  Maybe it should be said that some people who deal with money become ‘funny’… in the head! It should not surprise anyone, yet it often comes as a shock that there are people so crooked [...]

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Holy Moly! Wouldn’t that be SCHWEET?!

I’m going to stir the pot a bit this week.  You know my mantra: no one can predict the market, the price of a stock, a bond or an index.  But sometimes… there’s just that feeling right?  So recently, my husband sent me two articles that contradict each other and I thought we could have [...]

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America is Running Out of Family Caregivers…..

America Is Running Out of Family Caregivers, Just When It Needs Them Most Smaller, more far-flung families mean fewer unpaid helpers. ‘Are you really my daughter?’ It's time to begin preparing for the inevitable - we all get older and more frail. Some of us plan to have wheelchair races, while others will just end [...]

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Can You Lose an IRA to Medicaid?

We Americans are living longer and more of us are eventually going to need long-term nursing home care.  The cost can be devastating to a family. Nursing home care now costs an average of over $85,000 per year, and much more than that in some parts of the country. Medicaid is a government program that [...]

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Market Volatility and Roller Coasters

Market Volatility can best be imagined as a roller coaster: up and down, sometime sideways, with precipitous drops and fast accelerations. A relatively recent 'wild ride' allows us an opportunity to examine our expectations and determine whether the fear is real or imagined, and how best to keep our perspective. From February 1–5, the US [...]

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Lessons on Value from Mob Lawyers

So... I'm laughing here... reading a short article from a tax attorney friend. He always picks the most interesting material to make his points to financial professionals.  I'm adding a bit of a twist to share with you today; sometimes it's good to be reminded of things............... There’s so much news coming out of Washington [...]

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Kate Spade: Everything to Live for…. Except…..

The recent suicide of Kate Spade has been all over the news and social media. Many lamented and are puzzled:  she had "everything" to live for -- maybe. Depression is difficult for many to overcome. What could she have been comparing her life/success to? As the below article illustrates, and relates to investing, many investors [...]

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