Every athlete, even the professionals, has or has had a coach. Anyone successful in business, music, public speaking or the arts – most likely has a coach. Why? Because a coach sees things you cannot. You are IN the picture; the coach sees the picture as it is and as it can be.

I was a swim coach for years. Water is a foreign medium to us land animals, so learning how to be comfortable and use the water is paramount to becoming a good swimmer.  Money decisions and investing are foreign waters for many people.  We are biologically hard wired to respond a certain way to volatility, risks, and the unknown – which often elicit that fight or flight response.  At Theus Wealth Advisors, we can help you understand the risks, avoid the panic and learn to swim with the sharks.

Our approach is individual, offering services grounded in research and science.  We help you do the math to solve your financial puzzles.  As an independent fiduciary, we are agnostic to products. We focus instead on the best courses of action for winning the chess game that is retirement and tax planning.

If you’re wondering what comes next, come in and have a conversation about your world. Contact us online or give Gracie a call at 443-718-6311 and let’s get  your plan in the fast lane.

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