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Women Control the Nation’s Finances

Women make up to 90% of the daily spending and purchasing decisions for their families.

Women control 60% of the wealth and over 50% of all investments are owned by women.

Yet… women tend not to talk about money in ways that matter. They’re afraid to talk with one another, to ask questions about financial products they don’t understand, and they feel intimidated by a predominantly male industry where, in most meetings, male advisors talk with their husbands and not them.

Women Lack Financial Literacy…

FINRA, the regulatory body that oversees all securities firms in the US, conducts the National Financial Capability Study. Women are less financially literate than men, answering only 48% of questions correctly vs. 58% for men.

Despite terrific gains and opportunities for women in our society, other studies show similar results. An American College of Financial Literacy study found that only 18% of women age 60 to 75 passed a retirement income literacy test vs. 35% of men. (Which honestly, isn’t a great score either.)

…and Investment Confidence

Furthermore, women are less confident about money – especially when it comes to investing. A study by Merrill Lynch asked men and women about their confidence in handling different financial tasks. Results were similar for paying bills, budgeting, paying off debt and even choosing insurances. But when it comes to managing investments, only 52% of women felt confident vs. 68% of men.

Women generally save a little more than men do. A Fidelity study found that women are better investors as well, by about 0.4%. They take less risk, are less likely to ‘jump around’ with investments and are more careful and balanced.

However, women just don’t invest as much. In fact, of all the assets held by women, CEO of Ellevest, Sallie Krawcheck reports that over 70% is in cash. As in, not invested. Earning little to nothing. Compare this to the long term rate of return on the S&P 500 of over 10%.

According to a Merrill Lynch study, women’s #1 biggest financial regret is not investing more of their money.

Understanding the Real Dilemma

The real dilemma for women (and men) is that despite all the opportunities for ‘financial independence’ or ‘interdependence’ that allows for the significant growth of family wealth, life events not properly planned for or properly handled can devastate family finances and your future quality of life, including retirement options. The four “Ds” can break you.





Why ‘Her Wealth Matters’

A long story, short. My grandfather was a small businessman who worked 24/7 running a gas station in Great Falls, MT for 30+ years. When he and grandma retired and moved to California, they thought they’d moved to the closest thing to paradise. UNTIL, a salesman came round the park where they lived and convinced the elderly residents to ‘invest’ in his real estate partnership.

Grandpa lost nearly his entire life savings. After grandma died, he ended up being cared for by my parents. It was a very stressful situation.

The number of scams, schemes, and frauds has exponentially increased because the internet and worldwide connectivity has made it easier for thieves to target you. While Divorce may be the “quickest way to poverty”, ‘Deception’ is quickly becoming a more frequent cause of lost wealth.

You can be a victim of your own mistakes, … or you can be a victim of someone else’s.  And it doesn’t have to be malicious.

Statistically speaking, women outlive men. Convoluted investment strategies that surviving spouses cannot understand are a recipe for disaster. We work to make your options easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to manage… for the benefit of both of you – for your whole lives. Because financial planning is really for the whole family.