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We’ve talked a lot about ‘Claiming Strategies’ with regard to the best ways to maximize your social security benefits.  I’m not political in our weekly ‘visits’, but you might want to consider letting your representatives and senators know you’re not happy with what’s about to transpire.  Please read the entire article included in the link below – it won’t take very long.

““The two main filing strategies will go away if this budget becomes law,” said Mary Beth Franklin, an InvestmentNews contributing editor and expert on retirement policy.

The legislation, which sets federal spending limits and raises the debt ceiling, contains several entitlement reforms. One of them would end the ability of a Social Security claimant to file for his or her benefits and then suspend receiving them while she collects benefits for a spouse. Such an approach can generate a more generous payout.”

This legislation will affect everyone currently receiving a benefit and any future. We all paid into this system…and now congress may be reneging on a promise.