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Financial and retirement guidance from J’Neanne Theus, financial planner at Her Wealth Matters & Theus Wealth Advisors in the Columbia, MD area. It’s our mission to help you prepare for a prosperous retirement and financial future.

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Episode Show Notes

1806, 2020

Ep 11: If Only You Had Hindsight

“Knowing what we know now…” is a phrase you hear a lot, especially lately. If you knew ahead of time, what would you do differently? What can we learn from these financial mistakes?

2105, 2020

Ep 9: Avoiding Financial Lies and Mistruths

You can’t believe everything you hear, right? What statements and concepts in the financial world should you take with a grain of salt? Can you tell what’s marketing and what’s real?

705, 2020

Ep 8: How Do We Create Predictable Income?

We’re living in a unique period of time where uncertainty seems to be the driving force across many sectors. The health crisis has forced us all to make changes to our daily lives and our finances, and that has a lot of people thinking about ways to generate predictable income. Let’s explore this idea by looking at ways this is done but identifying reasons why this might not always benefit you.

1604, 2020

Ep 7: Social Distancing for Your Money

We’re all doing our best to take the social distancing guidelines to heart by changing the way we’re living right now, but let’s take a break from the seriousness of it all with a lighter discussion on separation. What would that look like if social distancing was applied to your financial planning?

204, 2020

Ep 6: Market Crash Hall of Fame

We closed out the month of March with an unprecedented month in the stock market as the coronavirus caused fear and uncertainty throughout the country. To get a little perspective on what we’re witnessing, let’s take a look back through history at the worst market crashes of all-time.

1903, 2020

Ep 5: What’s Your Level of Desire to Retire?

Retirement comes in many different forms and we all create our own vision of the day we make that exciting transition. Maybe you’re someone that plans to work as long as you can or you the person that’s ready to retire as soon as possible. We all have a different level of desire when it comes to retirement, and today we’ll span the spectrum with J’Neanne Theus.

503, 2020

Ep 4: How Bias Affects Your Investing Decisions

Many different types of bias can play a role in the decisions an investor makes and most of the time it results in a negative outcome. Let’s highlight six of the biases that we see clients use for their financial decisions and explain how they affect your portfolio.

2002, 2020

Ep 3: How Emotions Impact Financial Decision-Making

A lot of people like to think they’re making decisions based on logic and facts, but the truth is emotions typically play a role in our decision-making process. As you can imagine, we have many strong feelings when it comes to our money and that can become a problem for your retirement plan.

1502, 2020

Ep 2: Inheritances 101 – What You Need to Know

Most of us have very little experience with inheritances. Would you even what steps to take after receiving money or property? Today we’ll identify the mistakes people make when preparing an estate plan, what you should do if you receive an inheritance, and talk about other things you should consider.

1002, 2020

Ep 1: Welcome To The New “Her Wealth Matters” Podcast

The focus of our podcast has shifted and today we’re going to tell you why by giving you the background behind the decision, why we feel this new objective is so important, and the goals for the show. Plus, we’ll learn more about J’Neanne’s career and how she got into this career after her time in the military.

2301, 2020

Helping You Find Bias in Financial Media

We all want to stay informed when it comes to investing but it’s more important to make sure the research you’re doing isn’t actually misleading us. Unfortunately, some of the information out there isn’t completely unbiased. Let’s talk about some of the problems with the financial media.

201, 2020

Estate Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Not everyone chooses to leave a financial legacy, but if you’re someone who would, then estate planning is crucial. Make it a part of the conversation when you’re working on retirement, but make sure you avoid these critical mistakes.

1912, 2019

The Ins and Outs of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have long been a popular investment option for people saving for retirement, but is the landscape changing? We’ll take a deep look into mutual funds, explain some key terminology, and discuss whether it’s a good option or not.

512, 2019

Ways That We Sabotage Our Retirement

There are so many parts of your financial life that are out of your control, so why would you sabotage your retirement by failing to handle the things that are within your control? Many people do this but you don’t need to be one of them. Let’s discuss some ways people sabotage their own financial health.

2211, 2019

Top 5 Misunderstandings About Social Security

Are you ready to start taking Social Security benefits? Do you feel knowledgeable on what strategies to put in place to make the most of it or are you falling for some of these common misconceptions when it comes to Social Security?

711, 2019

Are You Having Awkward Financial Conversations?

Financial planning is more than just spreadsheets and dollar signs. It includes a lot of tough decisions and emotions that need to be communicated to your loved ones and advisor. Are you avoiding these awkward conversations when it comes to your finances?

1810, 2019

What Will the Next Market Crash Look Like?

We know another downturn in the market is inevitable, but how long will it be until the next ‘crash’ happens? Will it hit us as hard as 2008? We’ll ask J’Neanne to give us her thoughts on the subject and what we can do as investors to prepare ourselves for that day.

310, 2019

Preparing for Retirement During Your Final Decade of Work

Whether you’ve been working on your retirement plan for years or just beginning to get around to it, your focus needs to increase as you approach the end of your working career. That final decade before retirement gives you the chance to get everything in order so you aren’t left scrambling. Today we’ll run through a list of items that you need to be paying attention to.

1909, 2019

Busting the Biggest Financial Myths – Part 2

In this series, we’ll look at some of the most widely believed financial myths and try to bust them wide open. There are many people that base their decisions on these myths and that’s scary. We want to make sure you aren’t making any mistakes based on misinformation.

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