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You can’t believe everything you hear, right? What statements and concepts in the financial world should you take with a grain of salt? Can you tell what’s marketing and what’s real?  

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What Matters

There are some financial advisors out there who are flat out liars, but more often there are people who bend the truth a bit and tell you “mistruths” based on what they think is possible. J’Neanne talks us through some of the statements and ideas that you may hear that are actually financial lies.

Is someone telling you that you can beat the market? This is a risky idea. Maybe one year you’ll do well, but chances are it won’t repeat every year. Don’t fall for the idea that some advisor or some money manager can beat it. The stock market is random, so don’t try to chase it.

Or have you heard an advisor or company say that there are no fees? While it sounds enticing, those fees are happening somewhere. Think there are no fees in your 401(k) or 403(b)? Think again!

Scared about risk and think something claiming to have no risk is a foolproof way to proceed? Everything has some risk. Whether that’s opportunity risk or risk of losing your investment, risk is important to understand and know how to measure.

Are you basing your retirement plan on one of these ideas? Some people plan for taxes to be lower in retirement but can be caught off-guard later on. Others push to pay off their house early, but is that financially smart?

Finally, you may hear the phrase, “it’s just a paper loss” when referring to a market decline showing on your account statements. How can you continue to think strategically and strive toward the right direction even amidst market volatility?

The Plan

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1:29 – “We can beat the market.”

2:57 – “There are no fees!”

4:07 – “There’s no risk!”

5:34 – “Taxes will be lower in retirement.”

7:02 – “Never pay off your house early when interest rates are low.”

10:53 – “It’s just a paper loss.”



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