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We’re living in a unique period of time where uncertainty seems to be the driving force across many sectors. The health crisis has forced us all to make changes to our daily lives and our finances, and that has a lot of people thinking about ways to generate predictable income. Let’s explore this idea by looking at ways this is done but identifying reasons why this might not always benefit you.

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What Matters

Now, more than ever, people are yearning for predictability. That’s what quarantines, market crashes, and health pandemics will do to you.

A lot of people are watching their retirement accounts drop in value and worry about how much it will impact retirement. That’s especially true for those that are nearing or already in retirement. Without a proper plan and a risk-averse portfolio, crashes like we saw in March of this year can really damage your future.

Times of uncertainty can really drive investors to ‘safe’ investments. They start evaluating those options that provide predictable income. Finding a steady stream of money that doesn’t drop in times of crisis can provide you with a lot of security and peace of mind.

But is that the best decision for you?

On this episode of Her Wealth Matters, J’Neanne will take us through a conversation on predictable income. First off, is it possible? Can we be assured that making an investment will provide guaranteed income throughout our retirement? It’s important to have someone that can help you identify the sources of income that can do this for you because there are products out there that aren’t as safe as you might believe.

The other side to this discussion is determining whether guaranteed income is the best path for you to take. You first need to have a firm grasp of your retirement needs and plans because many people incorrectly project their income requirements. But beyond that, will your predictable income outpace inflation?

There are a lot of questions to ask and plenty of considerations to make when it comes to this planning strategy. Join us for this episode and we’ll help you get a better understanding of how predictable income fits into a person’s retirement.

The Plan

Listen to the full episode or click on the timestamps below to hear a specific segment.

0:48 – Who wouldn’t want a little predictability right now?

1:34 – What retirement income sources appear predictable but might not be?

4:48 – Is there really such a thing as guaranteed income in retirement?

6:23 – J’Neanne shares examples of people who have faced income issues.

8:27 – What do you do if inflation decreases the value of your predictable income?

9:38 – Life events can throw off your plan if don’t prepare correctly.

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