Theus Wealth Advisors talks International Market Concerns

Global economic instabilities have always been with us. However, global markets have made navigating the investment world appear much more challenging than before. Today’s investor must understand the factors that lead to investment success; factors based on 50 years of research on market returns. This can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned financial advisor, who must constantly manage expectations and provide continual education for clients.

Based in Maryland and serving surrounding communities, Theus Wealth Advisors (TWA) is an investment, retirement and income planning firm dedicated to helping clients navigate the financial planning maze. TWA helps clients build and protect their wealth through customized financially integrated strategies, evidenced-based investment solutions and personalized services. As an independent fiduciary company, TWA works closely with local and regional clients to achieve financial clarity.

TWA provides investment management, investor education, insurance planning, business planning and retirement planning for all your investment goals.

Investment Management: Investing is a long term endeavor and requires patience. Using the science of capital markets, TWA provides structured portfolios that target the returns of the market and allocation strategies that mitigate the risks of the market. Eliminating guesswork, speculation and gambling, properly executed investment strategies are key to the success of every retirement plan.

Investor Education: Anchored in the research from the University of Chicago, including that of several Nobel Prize winners, TWA teaches the difference between investing and speculating, how to avoid gambling in your portfolio, and how to use the market for your success. Although this sounds simple, too many investors are often side tracked by Wall Street’s talking heads and shiny objects.

TWA’s Education Series provides new and experienced investors with a solid understanding of the source of returns, including how to structure portfolios, evaluate costs and manage risks and rewards.

TWA also provides clients with a Life Coaching Series, which are workshops designed to align your investing goals with the personal aspects of life and family.

Insurance Planning: Insurance equals risk management, and too many people don’t assess those risks adequately. Too often, it is only after a life event that people understand that their plans weren’t complete. Insurance is also important for asset protection. How much can your personal balance sheet absorb when catastrophe strikes? TWA offers a complete insurance assessment – what kind, how much coverage, how does it work and what are you trying to accomplish? Did you know that you can also create a Personal Pension Plan with insurance? Ask us how to build your tax-free pension.

Business Planning: Business owners are very busy people. And while they focus on growing business and taking care of employees, they often neglect to protect their own interests. TWA helps business owners develop solid contingency plans that protect against the unexpected.

Retirement Planning: The sooner you begin the conversation, the better. There are many moving parts to retirement planning, and like chess, they have specific rules. In order to maximize your opportunities to create the maximum income with the least risks and tax, a coordinated strategy is necessary. Like that part of the glacier deep underwater, it’s the unknown unknowns that can sabotage your plan. From distribution strategies, to social security to leaving a legacy, you’ll realize better outcomes working with a specialist. It’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the picture. We can help you with the picture.

What do you have? What do you want? Where are you going? People, money and life have very little to do with math. Far more critical are the economic, wealth eroding factors that are the real cost of living. There are tools, tactics, and strategies that can close the gaps, plug the leaks, and create abundance for you and your family. Doesn’t it make sense to get your financial checkup, to make sure you’re not falling for the ten most common financial myths?