Inflation: the good, the bad and the truth

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Recently, a number of folks have asked me:  So… we know you’re a pretty optimistic person. But what’s the most bearish or worst-case scenario for the stock market right now? There is a lot of bad news despite the media attempting to paint things in a good light. In truth, you have to balance being optimistic with being realistic. I’m a long-term optimist with an understanding that things can and will get really bad on occasion. See history. It’s just how things work when humans [...]

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“No thanks”—The 5 Worst Assets to Pass Down to Your Kids

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Each generation has different tastes and values when it comes to possessions. And nowhere is this difference more apparent than when it comes time to pass them along. It can be a shock to downsizing parents when they learn that none of their children want grandma’s big, formal dining table and chairs. It may be that the next generation doesn’t decorate with large oak pieces, or they simply don’t have any place to put it. Either way, it’s difficult for the older generation to see a [...]

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The 7 Money Personality Types

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Everyone can agree that financial literacy is a good thing. When people understand the basics of personal money management, saving, and long-term investing, they’re better equipped to make informed decisions about their finances. But financial literacy alone can only take you so far. Simply having knowledge on a subject is often not enough to overcome a strong emotional desire to ignore certain aspects of the available information. A good example of this is food labeling. Every package of food at the store carries a standardized nutrition [...]

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The Kind of Inflation You Can Control

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A friend who sold cars for a living once pointed out a prestigious imported brand and stated that, in general, anybody you saw driving one really couldn’t afford it. His evidence was, of course, anecdotal. But maybe not too far off. People like paying more than they ought to for nice cars. Edmunds reported that in 2020 70% of car loans were for a period of longer than 5 years, a jump of 29% within the past decade. And at the same time the average monthly [...]

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Millennials Expect to Work During Retirement

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Younger generations are often unfairly characterized by their elders. In the late 1960s the Greatest Generation, who grew up during the Depression, accused baby boomers of being anti authority. Some were. When their turn came, the baby boomers said that the millennials (those born between 1980-2000) were lazy and entitled. Some have been. But this “young” generation (the oldest of whom are now in their early 40s) has proved to be anything but lazy and entitled when it’s come to saving for their retirement. According to [...]

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When it Comes to Investing Biases, Some are Harder to Overcome than Others

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It’s not controversial to say that investing biases can hurt the performance of your portfolio. Most investors would agree. And yet by its very nature a bias—an unreasoned opinion—will often be invisible to the person holding it. You can find evidence of this in a recent DALBAR, Inc. study of investor behavior. Researchers found that over the 20-year period ending December 31, 2020, individual stock fund investors consistently underperformed a market benchmark index. During the studied period the S&P 500 had an average annualized return of [...]

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“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

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The custom of setting new year's resolutions has been around for quite some time (as far as the 1700s, by some counts). People worldwide make promises to themselves to start or stop a behavior that is supposed to better their lives. Some folks aim to kill their bad habits, like smoking, drinking or spending too much time on social media. Or they want to create a new good habit, like eating out less, setting aside more money from their pay, or exercising more. Here’s the problem: [...]

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Here Comes 2022: Will History Repeat Itself?

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Whether we're ready for it or not, 2022 will be here in a few days. Another year will have passed. You'll look at your schedule, your finances, maybe even at the bathroom scale and wonder if this time next year you'll be any closer to achieving the changes in your life you'd really like to make. Setting aside his politics for a moment, Karl Marx once wrote an interesting observation, "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce." He was of course speaking of national [...]

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Holiday Charitable Giving

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Imagine it’s the height of the holiday gift buying season and you’re walking with many other shoppers toward the entrance of a major retailer. Above the sound of nearby traffic and tinny holiday music being piped out of the store, you hear the familiar ringing of a Salvation Army bell. The bell ringer is wearing a flopped over Santa hat. His arm moves rhythmically up and down as he holds the door, wishes everyone “Merry Christmas!” and nods a thank you to the few who drop [...]

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How to Think About Year End Planning

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We’ve mentioned before how a sailing ship is a good metaphor for retirement planning. In both cases you chart out where you want to go, and carefully estimate what you’ll need to complete each leg of your journey. On an ocean voyage, you can acquire knowledge and perspective from the maps used by successful sailors before you. However, there are many factors you can’t predict such as weather. So you bring along the equipment to repair your ship in case you’re hit by a storm, as [...]

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