“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

The custom of setting new year's resolutions has been around for quite some time (as far as the 1700s, by some counts). People worldwide make promises to themselves to start or stop a behavior that is supposed to better their lives. Some folks aim to kill their bad habits, like smoking, drinking or spending too [...]

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Holiday Charitable Giving

Imagine it’s the height of the holiday gift buying season and you’re walking with many other shoppers toward the entrance of a major retailer. Above the sound of nearby traffic and tinny holiday music being piped out of the store, you hear the familiar ringing of a Salvation Army bell. The bell ringer is wearing [...]

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Estate Planning Mistakes You’re Making

As a financial advisor, I am in an incredibly unique position to be the quarterback for my client’s complete financial picture, and this is a responsibility I take very seriously! One of the most critical pieces of the money puzzle is the one that no one likes to think about - estate planning. It can [...]

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The Dutch Origins of American Thanksgiving

Many of us know the basic details of the Pilgrims: How they left England and came over on the Mayflower. How they all nearly died that first winter. And how they survived with the help of an English-speaking Native American named Squanto. When their next successful harvest was gathered in, they celebrated with the feast [...]

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Skip this Movie: Why This Year’s Top-Performing Stock is a Good Example of Misguided Speculation

Crime novelist Catherine Aird observed, "If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning." This seems to be the role of AMC Entertainment, the movie theater chain whose stock has soared in recent months. Earlier this year, as pandemic restrictions took their toll on in-person entertainment businesses, AMC [...]

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