Today’s Mission:

What do Kohl’s, Disney, and McDonald’s have in common? They’re all making headlines as they roll out new business plans. J’Neanne talks about how their plans could affect you as an investor. Then, love is in the air with today’s question from the mailbag…but is debt hovering as well?

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Strategy Points:

2:01 – In The News: Kohl’s Changing Business Models

  • Kohl’s is changing the size of stores and leasing some of the space to workout chain, Planet Fitness. Is it wise to invest in brick and mortar stores?
  • If you’re in a diversified plan then you’re invested in brick and mortar anyway. But it is probably not a good idea to invest in individual stocks.
  • Another mashup: Capital One is going toward banking in a coffee shop to market to millennials.
  • Some fitness gyms carry clothing, so there is a convenience factor.

[spp-timestamp time=”8:15″] – In The News: Disney On The Rise  

  • Later this year, Disney is releasing live action of old animated classics. Is now the time to buy stock in Disney?
  • The stock price will boost, but by now the stock is already up. In three years it has spiked, but by the time you buy it might already be down.
  • You have to buy right and have a plan to sell it.

10:54 – In The News: McDonald’s Discontinuing Lobbying Against Minimum Wage

  • McDonald’s is no longer lobbying against minimum wage increases. Is this a sign that higher wages are coming?
  • J’Neanne says the market will always dictate the wages to attract workers.
  • McDonald’s is switching to touch screen kiosks and therefore, cutting labor costs.

14:29 – Getting to Know You: Bridal Party

  • How many people from your bridal party are still involved in your life today?
  • J’Neanne’s wedding party changed last minute due to a volcano eruption!

17:43 – Mailbag: Marrying Into Debt

  • Michelle is in love! This will be a second marriage for both of them. Unfortunately, her husband-to-be has over $100,000 in debt. Is this a dealbreaker?
  • You want to know what your future spouse’s finances looks like and what the plan is to handle it.
  • Find out what kind of loans or credit card debt they have and the interest rate.
  • Be realistic about your expectations, especially when it comes to debt for stepchildren or alimony.
  • It’s not necessarily unwise to marry, but have a clear agenda on how these things will get paid down.
  • J’Neanne shares an example of someone who didn’t know they had school loans.
  • One of the most divisive issues in marriage is money.

The Grand Plan:

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