Ep 8: How Do We Create Predictable Income?

We’re living in a unique period of time where uncertainty seems to be the driving force across many sectors. The health crisis has forced us all to make changes to our daily lives and our finances, and that has a lot of people thinking about ways to generate predictable income. Let’s explore this idea by looking at ways this is done but identifying reasons why this might not always benefit you.

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Ep 7: Social Distancing for Your Money

We’re all doing our best to take the social distancing guidelines to heart by changing the way we’re living right now, but let’s take a break from the seriousness of it all with a lighter discussion on separation. What would that look like if social distancing was applied to your financial planning?

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Ep 6: Market Crash Hall of Fame

We closed out the month of March with an unprecedented month in the stock market as the coronavirus caused fear and uncertainty throughout the country. To get a little perspective on what we’re witnessing, let’s take a look back through history at the worst market crashes of all-time.

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Ep 5: What’s Your Level of Desire to Retire?

Retirement comes in many different forms and we all create our own vision of the day we make that exciting transition. Maybe you’re someone that plans to work as long as you can or you the person that’s ready to retire as soon as possible. We all have a different level of desire when it comes to retirement, and today we’ll span the spectrum with J’Neanne Theus.

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Ep 3: How Emotions Impact Financial Decision-Making

A lot of people like to think they’re making decisions based on logic and facts, but the truth is emotions typically play a role in our decision-making process. As you can imagine, we have many strong feelings when it comes to our money and that can become a problem for your retirement plan.

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Ep 2: Inheritances 101 – What You Need to Know

Most of us have very little experience with inheritances. Would you even what steps to take after receiving money or property? Today we’ll identify the mistakes people make when preparing an estate plan, what you should do if you receive an inheritance, and talk about other things you should consider.

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