Happy!!!   The IRS publishes hundreds of reports every year, covering all sorts of topics. You'll find routine statistical summaries, like the always-popular "Number of Individual Income Tax Returns, Income, Exemptions and Deductions, Tax, and Average Tax." You'll find page-turners worthy of a Tom Clancy thriller, like last summer's "Actions Can Be Taken to Better [...]

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Over the River and Through the Woods

Over the River and Through the Woods   Thanksgiving is a time for homecoming, and some of us are fortunate to return to a place where we've spent decades of holidays. Who wouldn't relish celebrating in a cozy farmhouse out of a Norman Rockwell print, with an overstuffed chair in front of a crackling fire [...]

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BREXIT is not a Cracker

BREXIT is not a Cracker   So now doubt you've heard the term "Brexit" in the past few days. You'll hear a lot more about it today and over the weekend. The United Kingdom did what it probably should have done a long time ago: established its independence from the rest the continent. I'm glad [...]

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