Is it Time to Take Cash Off the Sideline?

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We’ve been getting questions lately from people with a lot of money sitting on the sidelines. They’re waiting to jump back in the stock market when they feel comfortable but timing the market is incredibly difficult.

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Will These Apocalyptic Predictions Ever Come True?

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On this episode, we’ll try to separate sensationalism from reality by covering the top financial concerns that people have. Should you worry that these apocalyptic predictions will eventually come true? Let’s talk about why or why not these fears are warranted

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Inflation: the good, the bad and the truth

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Recently, a number of folks have asked me:  So… we know you’re a pretty optimistic person. But what’s the most bearish or worst-case scenario for the stock market right now? There is a lot of bad news despite the media attempting to paint things in a good light. In truth, you have to balance being optimistic with being realistic. I’m a long-term optimist with an understanding that things can and will get really bad on occasion. See history. It’s just how things work when humans [...]

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“Step Away From That Soda, Sir…”

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"Step Away From That Soda, Sir..."   Last year, the Philadelphia City Council slapped a 1.5 cent-per-ounce tax on soda and artificially-sweetened drinks. The new tax, which became effective on January 1, sounds like something intended to fight obesity, diabetes, and other public health threats. Council actually designed it to finance universal pre-kindergarten for Philadelphia schoolchildren and pay for local development projects. However, like many taxes — especially so-called "Pigovian" taxes on market activities that impose societal costs (like smoking and drinking) — the soda tax [...]

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Christmas Tax Breaks for Christmas Trees

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Christmas Tax Breaks for Christmas Trees   'Tis the season to be jolly, and how jolly could we be without Christmas trees on display? For some of us it's the classic Pinus Sylvestris, or scotch pine. For others it's the soft-needled Abies fraserie, or Fraser fir. Still more make do with the store-bought plasticus annualensis, or "Target special." (Artificial trees can be beautiful, too!) Christmas trees are a festive symbol of holiday spirit, and most of us can't help but smile when we see one. (Unless [...]

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Sweet!   December is a busy month for holidays, what with Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa all crowding calendars. But there's a lesser-known holiday that falls on December 16 that we don't want you to miss. It's not Ugly ChristmasSweater Day or Free Shipping Day (although those are both fun, too). We're talking, of course, about the obvious celebrations surrounding Chocolate Covered Anything Day. (Look it up!) Most of us look for foods that are delicious, filling, and healthy. Chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate-covered potato chips, chocolate-covered bacon, and [...]

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6 Potential Tax-Law Time Bombs Affecting IRAs

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6 Potential Tax-Law Time Bombs Affecting IRAs   It's Black Friday...and we're talking about savings...or what we thought were great tax savings ideas! Some of these items have been in federal budget proposals for years. It may be only a matter of time before they become law. And it could considerably change planning strategies for many people. The 2017 Congressional budget proposal includes six little-known but important tax time bombs that could affect your individual retirement accounts. Joe Ross, vice president of sales productivity and business [...]

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Breathe! We’re going to be just fine…

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Breathe! We're going to be just fine...   Breathe! The election is over... and hopefully the hype and hyperbole as well, at least for a while. Election seasons are one of the most volatile and unpredictable time periods that take place on a consistent basis around the world. The 2016 presidential election was no different, with investors wondering, “How should I rebalance my portfolio to protect my investments and take advantage of the election’s effect on the economy?” Believe it or not, I only received 2 [...]

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Will It Blend?

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Will It Blend?   If you've spent any time on the internet, you know it's a vast rabbit hole of places to waste precious minutes of your life. "Will it Blend" is one of those places, a video series showing off the Blendtec line of blenders. The videos feature the company's founder, smiling in a white lab coat and safety goggles, dropping the day's experiment into one of his company's appliances. Not surprisingly, avocados, credit cards, and an Big Mac Extra-Value meal all blend just fine [...]

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Round ’em Up and Shake ’em Down!

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Round 'em Up and Shake 'em Down!   Last month, Hollywood brought back the classic western with a remake of "The Magnificent Seven". It's a tale as old as the West itself. An evil land baron terrorizes a town to satisfy his insatiable greed...and a ragtag squad of outlaws rides in to the rescue. You might be surprised to learn that the IRS has its own elite posse, too. They ride into battle wearing wool suits and skirts instead of leather chaps, brandishing subpoenas instead of [...]

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