6 Things Wasting Away In Your Financial Junk Drawer

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Everyone has a junk drawer somewhere full of odds and ends that might get so cluttered you forget what you have. We’ll talk about the six financial things you probably have sitting in a drawer somewhere as well and what you need to do to dust them off and make sure they are put to use. Then, J’Neanne talks about student loans and the ripple effect they have in the financial world.

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The Madoffs Among Us

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When teaching my Income in Retirement college classes, there is a section on preservation of capital embedded within the investment strategies portion. In my book, preservation from fraud and theft are even more important discussion topics because the methodologies to separate you from your money are many. And they are often aggressive. In my recent reading 'travels', I came across this article about a gentleman who has written an interesting treatise on the subject and so is worth sharing. His findings bear witness to the necessity [...]

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