The Tumultuous History of the Last Weekend of Summer

Image from This coming Labor Day will be characterized by backyard barbecues, back-to-school sales, and many employees enjoying the federal holiday. But few people will stop to consider what this day represents in the transformation of what it means to be an average worker in America. And the tragic history that led [...]

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Hiding in Plain Sight

In his classic detective story The Purloined Letter, Edgar Allen Poe tells how an embarrassing letter has been stolen (purloined) from the French Queen to be used for blackmail. The authorities believe they know who took it, and order a thorough search of his apartment. The police detectives pull up the carpet, probe seat cushions with needles, [...]

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The Origins of Memorial Day

In April of 1862, the Confederate Army of the Mississippi attacked the Union Army of the Tennessee, resulting in what was to be known as the Battle of Shiloh. It proved to be the bloodiest engagement of the Civil War up to that point. The nearly 24,000 dead, wounded, captured, or missing totaled almost twice [...]

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The Future Proves Impossible to Predict hedge funds go from bad to worse. You may have heard of hedge funds but not be entirely sure how they work. In a nutshell a hedge fund is an investment fund that uses complex strategies, is open only to high net worth individuals, has less regulatory oversight than other types of funds, and [...]

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The Biden Tax Hike Would Be Severe

Today's article is from the WSJ. I'm sharing it because it serves as a 'heads up', and accurately paints the current tax picture and what the potential picture could be, based on recent statements and predictions. When it comes to the stock market, we never make predictions. When it comes to tax policy, being forewarned [...]

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If Short-term Predictions are Tricky… What about Long Term Forecasts?

In their paper Evaluation and Ranking of Market Forecasters a team of statistical researchers from the U.S. and Australia sought to rank the accuracy of 68 prominent financial forecasters. The study looked at 6,627 predictions made over a 14-year period about the S&P 500. The time frame of the predictions varied from three to twelve months. What [...]

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The Bumpy Road to the Market’s LTA

As I've written in many previous email blasts, we're going to be bumping along between a couple 'guard rails' - 23,000 and 24,000 until the market gets some good news. And while we're traveling this crazy road, it's sometimes difficult to see the bigger picture, especially when the media is blaring doom and gloom 24/7. [...]

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