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Even if we stay on top of our retirement planning, there are life events that shake up everything we’ve done or force us to rethink our path. In this episode, we identify some of those events that create a sense of urgency within us and discuss how to be best prepared if they happen to you.

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Strategy Points:

The best-laid plans often go awry is an expression you’ve probably heard at some point and it’s one that doesn’t exclude retirement planning. There are many events over the course of our lifetime that can really create a sense of urgency with regards to your finances. It could be the loss of a job or a death in the family, but these major life changes make you re-evaluate your entire portfolio. In this episode of Your Financial Mission, J’Neanne Theus shares her thoughts on some of these events and how they create urgency in your life. She also gives guidance on how to handle these and, even better, how to prepare yourself so that you’re not left doing damage control. J’Neanne also shares a couple client examples that she’s come across in her career and how they were handled. Take a look at the full show rundown below and click the timestamps to skip around in the episode. 4:54 – Loss of a job creates urgency. J’Neanne shares a client story. 6:50 – Receiving an early retirement buyout offer. 8:31 – You should always be looking for opportunities even if you’re comfortable. 9:00 – When your retirement date is closing in on you. 11:10 – Why it’s difficult to plan for retirement over a short period of time. 12:25 – The death of a spouse. 14:09 – A market crash will get someone to react quickly. 19:26 – How can you plan for these things that aren’t expected? 18:56 – How to use these concerns to adjust your retirement plans.  

The Grand Plan:

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