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We know another downturn in the market is inevitable, but how long will it be until the next ‘crash’ happens? Will it hit us as hard as 2008? We’ll ask J’Neanne to give us her thoughts on the subject and what we can do as investors to prepare ourselves for that day.

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Strategy Points:

Almost anywhere you turn in late 2019, it seems like there’s at least one person talking about the upcoming market crash. After more than a decade of growth, it’s not a surprise that some people are calling for a correction.

But how bad will that correction be? That’s the part we’re most concerned with because the memories of 2008 are still pretty fresh for many investors. We learned some harsh lessons during that recession and we hope to avoid having to deal with that again.

That’s why we’re asking J’Neanne Theus to open up on this subject for this episode of the Your Financial Mission podcast. We know that she can’t predict the future, but let’s leverage her years and years of experience and expertise into some thoughts on what the next market crash could look like. Will it be as bad as 2008? When could it begin? And how can our portfolios be ready?

This is a concern that many individuals have so let’s see if we can help ease some of the anxiety by answering these questions and discussing strategies that can offset the losses. Don’t forget to check out a recent article from J’Neanne about keeping perspective during market ups and downs.

It’s a full show and we’ve provided a rundown below. Click the timestamps to skip around and listen to specific topics.

4:28 – What’s to come on today’s show.

5:25 – In the news: At what point will the 2020 election begin to impact the way investors behave?

10:17 – Introducing a new topic on the show, ‘Did You See This.’ In this first installment, we discuss a marriage dispute that includes the husband hacks into his wife’s bank account from space.

14:04 – Let’s begin our conversation on market crashes.

14:46 – What is J’Neanne telling clients about when it might happen?

16:57 – Will the next crash be as severe as 2008?

18:22 – Even just a smaller correction can have an impact on someone retiring soon.

19:22 – The moves might seem larger but we’re in a higher place than 2008.

20:48 – Why don’t we just go to cash if we’re worried about a market crash?

24:07 – The key point people need to remember is the market isn’t static so there will be another upward turn after the drop.

26:58 – Mailbag question: It seems counter intuitive to move out of a house I paid off ten years ago but I’m about to retire and might move into a rental so I don’t have to worry about repairs and expenses. What do you think?

The Grand Plan:

[spp-tweet tweet=”The average recession is about 10 months but you don’t know you’re in it until after the fact. So all of this prediction about the market is going to tank, we’re going to be in a recession, is complete BS.  –Your Financial Mission“]

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