Today’s Mission:

We all want to stay informed when it comes to investing but it’s more important to make sure the research you’re doing isn’t actually misleading us. Unfortunately, some of the information out there isn’t completely unbiased. Let’s talk about some of the problems with the financial media.

Strategy Points:

No phrase has gained as much traction over the last few years as ‘fake news’ and there’s a reason why so many people are throwing it around. We now live in an era where media of all categories has to entertain to drive revenue and that causes the information to take a backseat. On this episode of Your Financial Mission, J’Neanne will tell you about four different places that bias slips through and infiltrates the message. We don’t want you to fall victim to misinformation – intentional or not – and this discussion will help you better identify the bias media around you. Keep in mind that this isn’t about bad actors that have ill intentions for you and your retirement plan. Some of these issues are a casualty of the times but damaging, nonetheless. And make sure you pay extra attention to the beginning of the show for a big announcement about the future of the show. Listen to the full episode or click on the timestamps below to hear a specific segment. 0:56 – We have some news! This is the final mission. 2:51 – Today we’re talking bias in financial media. 3:29 – First bias: Sensationalism 6:06 – Second bias: Paid Placement 9:17 – A common way paid placement happens on radio to build credibility for advisors. 11:03 – Third bias: Wrong Audience 14:08 – Fourth bias: An Axe to Grind 16:40 – What does J’Neanne tell her clients about dealing with these biases?

The Grand Plan:

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