New Investment Rules for Retirement Investing

On June 9, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule—the most famous and controversial set of investment regulations you’ve probably never heard of—is going to start taking effect. The rule promises better protection for investors who employ financial advisors to help manage their retirement accounts, including rollovers into an Individual Retirement Account. The Fiduciary Rule [...]

Financial Mission – Major Life Events

“Financial Mission - Major Life Events”   Here's this week's Financial Mission, if you choose to accept it.  Each week I'll send you a replay of my new podcast, "Your Financial Mission," where I discuss financial topics and share insight that impact your overall financial strategy. This week's Mission: Major Life Events If you choose to [...]

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Will You Join Us?

“Will You Join Us?”   I wanted to personally invite you to our upcoming Memorial Day Celebration - we're remembering our veterans! Please join us Friday May 12 at Manor Hill Brewing! Please note:  We are capped at 50 people by the brewery, so register ASAP! Register online or by calling Gracie at 443-718-6311. Event Details Location:  [...]

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A Scientist’s View of Investing

“A Scientist's View of Investing”   Hey there! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter or Passover celebration. I ended up having a ridiculous case of bronchitis; I could hit the really high and low notes in choir, just not the ones in the middle! In continuing our story from a couple weeks back, we [...]

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When Small is BIG!

“When Small is BIG!”   The market’s been moving around lately (with the usual accompanying commentary), so I’d like to revisit some basics, plus the science. I’m always talking about ‘global diversification’ and proper allocation. But what exactly does that mean and WHY does it matter? This email will be divided into 3 parts, because otherwise, it’ll [...]

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Presidential Elections & the Stock Market

Presidential Elections & the Stock Market   Whaddya know...Trump assumed office and calamity has not befallen us. So let's regroup on some historical facts with regard to markets and elections. There is always a steady stream of opinions from pundits and prognosticators about how the election will impact the stock market. I remain the clanging [...]

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The Pessimistic Bull Market

The Pessimistic Bull Market   Happy New Year to you! We're 6 days in and awaiting the first 'big' snow event. Ok...maybe some of us are awaiting the snow...and the rest of us are dreading it. I found this graphic in my recent readings and wanted to share it because it's a great example of [...]

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Danger Will Robinson!

Danger Will Robinson!   Danger Will Robinson! What a fun childhood memory that show is. And yes, I’m standing here flailing my arms with a warning - Danger! Danger! - about the market, the media and the hyperbole. Feeling good about your portfolio? The DOW is up 9% since the election! Woohoo! The S&P is [...]

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