A Warning to Younger Investors

When you've lived a few years, you come to appreciate the truth of statements like: "The house always wins." "In a gold rush, the only one guaranteed to get rich is the guy selling the shovels." And . . . "Any 'exclusive' investment advertised as a 'sure thing' probably isn't either one." If you were [...]

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Risk Amplified

According to Yahoo Finance, the number of Americans trading individual stocks has grown during the pandemic. A survey the finance site conducted last fall found that 33% of people holding stock indicate that they've been trading more since the pandemic began. And a similar number said they're trading individual stocks more, as opposed to ETFs and [...]

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The Secret to Warren Buffett’s Success

It's hard to think of a more all-American investor than Warren Buffett. His company, Berkshire-Hathaway, is located not on one of the coasts but in Omaha, Nebraska. The firm's wholly-owned subsidiaries include such heartland favorites as Kraft Heinz, Dairy Queen, and See's Candies. But more importantly, Buffett has embodied the American ideal of the modest [...]

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Are You Lucky?

Day trading, in case you’re not familiar, is the practice of buying stocks or ETFs and then selling them the same day. The goal is to do so with the hopes of cashing in at a large profit. As you might imagine, day traders use a myriad of strategies to try to get the slightest [...]

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New Investment Rules for Retirement Investing

On June 9, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule—the most famous and controversial set of investment regulations you’ve probably never heard of—is going to start taking effect. The rule promises better protection for investors who employ financial advisors to help manage their retirement accounts, including rollovers into an Individual Retirement Account. The Fiduciary Rule [...]

Financial Mission – Major Life Events

“Financial Mission - Major Life Events”   Here's this week's Financial Mission, if you choose to accept it.  Each week I'll send you a replay of my new podcast, "Your Financial Mission," where I discuss financial topics and share insight that impact your overall financial strategy. This week's Mission: Major Life Events If you choose to [...]

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