Why “Get Rich Slow” Could Be the Best Way to Save for Retirement

The Biggest Loser, which ran on NBC from 2004 to 2016, was a reality-TV hit for a number of reasons. It dealt with a concern of many Americans (losing weight). It revealed the personal struggles of the contestants who were often overcoming lifelong challenges with food. And it delivered the results everyone wanted to see. [...]

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Why Humility is a Necessary Ingredient in Long-Term Self-Improvement

Nearly 20 years ago the Fox network began airing a TV show called American Idol. Thousands of unknown singers showed up to audition. And after multiple rounds of competition, the cream rose to the top and we saw that there really was great talent just waiting to be discovered. (Kelly Clarkson won that first season.) But [...]

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Retirement Saving No-Brainer

You probably know someone whose guest bathroom is stocked with the mini shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer bottles they’ve picked up at hotels. While the amount they’ve saved on toiletries might not have changed their lifestyle, they’ve enjoyed the feeling of getting things for free. In saving for retirement there are some similar “freebies”—things that you [...]

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